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Location: San Francisco, CA
Location: San Francisco, CA Department: Product Development
Location: San Francisco, CA Department: Product Development

Help Revolutionize Celebrity News

Scoopler Inc. is about to launch an exciting new product, which brings a refreshing real-time and social twist to the Celebrity & Entertainment News space. Twitter has already shown that fans want all the juicy details of what their favorite celebrity is doing and where they are. JustSpotted aggregates the latest sightings, updates, tweets and news for every celebrity on the planet to create a social and technology driven version of TMZ. Our editorial content will take advantage of the real-time feeds we create to break the latest celebrity news and gossip.

This isn't just going to be a news site. It's a community. Users will be able to contribute by submitting their own celebrity spottings, news and opinions as well as choosing their favorite celebrities to follow and receive updates for via email/mobile. Celebrities will also be given the opportunity to claim their news feeds, giving them access to a targeted group of their followers.

Checkout a preview of the website here:

We've already been covered in a number of publications including Perez Hilton, The LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, The Sydney Morning Herald & The Independent (UK).

About Scoopler Inc:

Scoopler is a San Francisco based startup, whose investors include Y Combinator, Ron Conway, Michael Birch and Avalon Ventures.  Since launching in May 2009, we have been consistently named as one of the top 3 real-time search engines and we're passionate about pushing innovation in this exciting new field.  We've been featured in publications like TechCrunch, Mashable, CNet, CNN, The FT and The Telegraph.

Working at Scoopler is exciting, challenging and extremely rewarding.  We offer competitive salaries and benefits as well as a fun working environment.  So, if you want to join our young and ambitious start-up, please check out the job posting on offer.


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